About Us

Frick Financial found its beginnings back in 1962, around the time steel production was at its peak. Our dedication has driven us from modest roots to now serving nearly 10,000 members in three counties, and thriving. As our story continues to evolve, we’re excited to have you as part of it.

In 1962, upper management of the Frick District, U.S. Steel Corporation, decided that a credit union would offer a great benefit to its employees and their families. The credit union was named Frick District Employees Federal Credit Union. Membership was open to employees of Robena, Maple Creek and Mount Braddock mines, Filbert and Everson shops, along with the District Headquarters. Mines like Dilworth and Cumberland were later added.

A great effort was made to sign up members and have them use the credit union for all of their loans and financial needs. The members were excited about the new credit union and committed to making sure the credit union was successful, although early growth was slow.

William Harries was named the first Manager, a position he held until his retirement in 1980. Positions on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee were recruited as volunteers from district management personnel. The first office was located in Uniontown on the fifth floor of the Fayette Bank Building, near the Frick District Headquarters. When U.S. Steel left the Fayette Bank Building in 1985, the credit union moved into a suite at the Gallatin Bank Builidng. Our current main office at 235 Pittsburgh Street opened in 1999.

Branches in Washington and Charleroi were opened to service members from merged credit unions at Washington Hospital and Ingersoll-Rand in Charleroi. A branch in Waynesburg was opened to better serve the Greene County members. All three of these branches opened around 1988.

After the mergers in 1988, a name change to Frick Tri-County Federal Credit Union was made a community charter was established, allowing the credit union to sign up members from the community. More than thirty years later, the name Frick Financial was made in 2020. With the name change came another milestone; Frick Financial reached $100 million in assets.