Phil Faccine President and CEO

Phil Facchine – President and CEO

Phil brings a wealth of credit union knowledge and experience to the Frick Financial FCU management team. He has spent his entire financial career, thirty years, managing or marketing financial products to credit unions. Prior to joining the leadership at Frick in September of 2008 he was employed by a New York corporate credit union as a Senior Account Executive selling products and technology services to credit unions in Western PA and portions of Maryland. “I have seen credit unions from both sides of the fence. I believe this experience has made me an informed decision maker. To be a successful leader in a competitive market you must be knowledgeable, progressive, insightful and a strategic planner. Today’s credit union leaders must plan today for services that members will need tomorrow. What worked yesterday to attract and retain members will not work tomorrow. Keeping up with new technology will be the biggest challenge for credit union that wants to provide convenient and beneficial services to its members.

After graduating with a BS degree in Accounting from PSU, I started my credit union career by accepting the challenge to manage a small credit in Dubois, PA. Over a period of 10 years, the assets of the credit union grew from $4 to $16 million through mergers and the addition of 30 company sponsors.  In 1996, I was lured away from my hometown to the Greensburg area to accept the CEO position at Allegheny Energy FCU.  Each credit union I worked for offered a unique challenge and contributed to providing me with a diverse knowledge of credit union operations. There is no substitute for experience in this business, and I trust my diverse knowledge of credit union operations will serve me well in guiding the staff and board at Frick Financial FCU in the right direction.

I have learned that to be happy and energized in life you must learn to balance you career and family time. Both can be rewarding if you learn to leave the frustrations of dealing with both at the door.  As a father of three boys, I have spent a lot of time devoted to coaching youth sports. I have received a lot of satisfaction watching my sons’ progress in sports and in life. I believe my involvement with youth has kept me young and connected me to what we need to do as a credit union to inspire more young people to become credit union members. As the CEO of Frick, I look forward to working with the staff and directors to accomplish our mission statement.

“To improve the financial strength and stability of our members by educating them and affording them the opportunity to achieve their financial goals”